Committee Corner (December 2018)


Welcome to the first news article from the 7th Agility committee members. We decided at our first meeting that this space was one we could use to update on what each of us is working on and therefore we will be taking turns at keeping you informed of the latest happenings.

Thank you

I would like to thank the outgoing committee for their efforts and the time they have each put into the Agility Committee over the last couple of years. It is appreciated.

First Meeting

Our first meeting went very well (except that we missed Reece who was unable to attend - So naturally he was given plenty of jobs). I know we are going to have a committee who can agree to disagree and still be supportive of each other and the end result which is very exciting and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve.

Our first meeting threw up some awesome ideas which will come out of the woodwork as they evolve and there will be a few things for everyone to think about and provide opinions on. We know people are passionate about the sport and that’s one of the best things about it, so we will be looking to harness that enthusiasm and all put it to good use.

The first communication change is the advent of “ACey Voice” on Facebook. Acey will be delivering info and questions from the AC. We hope it will help people be clear that the information is coming from the Committee rather than an individual. The other advantage is that this info will be more easily searchable.

Firstly though the Agility Committee hope you had a lovely Christmas and that the start of 2019 finds you ready to roll on the agility field.


Fiona Hodgson, Chair DNZAC