Quiz Time!!

This is a collection of quizes and puzzles to test your skills at course design, your knowledge of the regulations and your feel for what is safe and what is not. These quizes can be used as evidence of continuing education.

There are also links on the bottom of this page to short courses that can also be used to fulfil regulation requirements for judges.

Email your answers to Karen de Wit and get feedback on them.

Course Design

Quizes to help improve your course design skills in a variety of ways.

Did you know?

A variety of quizes, covering regulations, timing etc.

What do you know?

Exam questions

A sample of questions from previous exams - for competitors and prospective judges.


These have been removed for updating


Standing orders

These quizes relate to the Standing orders. Do you know them as well as you think?

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How safety-conscious are you? These quizes will see how aware you are of what might be safe or unsafe.

Short courses

Judges wanting to go up a panel are required to attend seminars or short courses. These short courses are intended to assist judges.

Judges are encouraged to get together and chat about agility, both the practical sides of judging and the more creative sides too! Judges are encouraged to organise get-togethers/seminars to achieve this. If you cannot attend a seminar here are some short courses that judges can do to fulfill the regulatory requirements.

Short courses