Judging agility in NZ

Recognising long-serving judges.

Our agility judges are volunteers and in 2017/2018 they have been recognised by the Agility Committee who gave them all a Jacket embroidered with Dogs NZ Agility Judge.


Discussion and information on a variety of relevant issues.

  • Click here- Wing_it_or_not
  • Click here- Judging The_Weaving Poles
  • Vol11- Games, seesaw, assembly areas, collapsible tunnels, start lines
  • Vol10- Space in course design, Reminder, Mentors, Judging Games Part 1, Refusals
  • Vol9- Distance between obstacles, Contracts & Mileage rate, New regulations(July 2013), results of poll, Making judging easier
  • Vol8- Start lines, Lead-out challenges, # of contacts(poll), Tunnel huggers, Making courses easier to judge
  • Vol7- Weave regs, Why use 25 obstacles, Long Jump, Rails, Tunnel safety


Older infoletters

  • Vol6- Safe course design, touching the dog
  • Vol5- Going up a panel, checking your course, connecting with competitors
  • Vol4- Judges training, aggressive dogs, early starts
  • Vol3 - Checking your course, Jumpers guidelines, Ring layout
  • Vol2 - Walking the course, reruns, longjump and spread regs,timers
  • Vol1 - Probationaries, running contacts

Seminar articles

A collection of articles of interest to Judges.

Course Design

A series of articles about how to design courses which you will love to judge and that others will love to run!!


Guidelines relating to the challenges and rate of travel for Jumpers classes.

Writing your own articles.

You can submit an article for publication on these pages or in the Dog World magazine.

Take a course that you have designed and describe what challenges you saw on the course when you designed it, how it ran on the day, what people did and how they fared. You can discuss the various handling moves used,which ones worked and which ones did not. This will be very useful for anyone reading it, and will also help when designing your next course. For help on how to achieve this please contact