Joanne Rennell.

Today, Sept 11th 2015, Joanne Rennell officially announced her resignation from the agility committee.

This is normally the time that in an official capacity I thank Joanne for all the work she has done for the agility committee. However I wanted to make it a little more personal. When I was thinking about standing for the committee Joanne was one of the people I turned to for advice and support around that decision. Knowing that she was staying on was a key driver of that decision. Her work as the treasurer of the committee has been to such a standard that you can set and forget it and walk away. Her support for the committee and her work in this area has been to a level where it has gone unnoticed. That’s actually when you have someone who has done a good job

We will miss her voice on committee. For the many of us new to the committee, Joanne carried knowledge that helped us find our feet and get an understanding of what was needed from us.

Joanne will continue to contribute to our loved sport through her many judging appointments, her work in Southland and competing with her dogs.

Thank you Joanne and Good luck for the future

Bevan Dale, Agility Committee Chairperson

Wayne Grant.

I would like to announce we have a replacement for Joanne Rennell on the agility committee. (if she can really be replaced). Wayne Grant has generously volunteered to be the South islands second representative on the committee.

Wayne brings to the committee not only an impeccable agility pedigree but also experience serving on other national sporting bodies. Thanks Wayne for volunteering and looking forward to our first meeting with you in attendance in November

Bevan Dale, Agility Committee Chairperson

30th September 2015