Bevans Blog

This is my first update as Chair of NZKCAC so this time you get my thoughts until people talk to me about what they want to hear

Our first meeting as a committee ended up being spread over 2 days, 2 weeks apart. The second part was held over the weekend of ACOD. For those of you who have not heard the remit put up by the last committee to have the Executive Council representative from the Agility Committee being a separate job from the Chair passed. That means for the next 2 years Roy Thorndycraft will be the agility committee representative of the Executive Council

The Sunday after the ACOD saw the first joint meeting between the Obedience Committee, the Executive Council, and the agility committee. The main purpose was to talk about the various national events, the fact that all 3 are held in the same month, and that by doing so we are making people choose which one they will do, rather than have them spaced apart so if someone would like to, they can attend all 3

The other point of discussion was about whether there should be a combined national event and what that event could look like. No decisions were made by the group except that we should keep talking about options. I am still firmly of the view that we retain our own NZDAC, and as our national event is the only weather dependent national event our choice of date should reflect that.

The allocation of positions on committee, allocation of jobs, applications for grants, and the calendar were the time consuming items on the agenda. Each club should have had a copy of the calendar for them to look at. We are working at having a final calendar available by the end of July.

When your club is applying for a grant it makes the agility committee’s decision making process much simpler if you have the gear you want itemized, reasons why you have chosen a particular supplier, when you are wanting to purchase, and anything else you believe will help your application. The money we are returning back to the sport is money that has come from the entire agility community so not only do we have to ensure it is being spent wisely, we are also accountable back to the agility community about how it is spent

One of the things that this committee wants to look at is the timing of the elections. The agility regulations actually have the first committee meeting on the same weekend as ACOD. (Annual Conference of delegates). This means that the committee needs to decide on delegates to the ACOD before they have met, and before they have decided any of the executive positions. And compounding matters is when you have virtually a new committee that is still finding its feet about what its role actually is. Its something we want to work on, have out for consultation and voting, and then ready for ACOD to vote on at next years ACOD.

I have also raised with the committee that during this term I want to develop a strategic plan for agility. This is more than just an action list, but a clear guide about where we want the sport of agility to go in the future. A good strategic plan creates clear guidelines about where we spend our money, how we want our regulations to look like, and most importantly paints a clear picture of what our sport is, and what we want it to look like in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years time. Included in it are our values, the standards of behavior that is expected from the agility committee, and the values our sport operates under

Our next meeting is scheduled for August 29. I am away for that meeting (actually I will be in Greece on that day) so the next committee update will come from the Vice Chair Roy. If you have anything you want discussed at committee make sure you use the official e mail address for the committee. Facebook or e mail are great for discussions but if you want the committee to consider your idea you need to use the official channel

A lot of work is going into creating a fantastic NZDAC at Tokoroa. It’s a huge event for a group of volunteers to put together. Based on the way they have handled publicity so far its going to be an exciting event. And a committee has already been put together for the 2016 NZDAC in zone 4. Expect an announcement very soon about this NZDAC

I am looking forward to the next 2 years. We have a great committee, a huge range of experience, and whether we agree with them or not a group of people who are very passionate about our sport and a desire to continue to do what they can to make it better.


Bevan Dale