Election of Committee

The NZKC has announced that as the number of nominations equals the number of positions, there is no need for an election. The following people are therefore elected to the AC for the two year period commencing 1 May 2015.

  • Steve Chester
  • Karen de Wit
  • Joanne Rennell
  • Bevan Dale
  • Robyn Fargher
  • Glenn Hancock
  • Diana McKay
  • Roy Thondycraft

Congratulations everyone.

Voting on a regulation 3.1.4-7

Voting is now open on a matter pertaining to our Agility fraternity.

This is on the Agility Committee's recommended changes to Agility Regulation 3.1 and in particular an alternative method of selecting Agility's Executive Council delegate.

For more detail to include the rationale and the proposed new regulation - CLICK HERE

To download the fillable voting form PLEASE CLICK HERE