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Upcoming probationary appointments.

Judges panel changes
Upcoming judging seminars
Regulation comment.

Judges panel retirements

MIKE BUTLER. On behalf of the agility community we would like to thank Mike for his many years of service to the agility world, judging all classes for us over the years. It is much appreciated and we hope he just enjoys competing now!

Promotions for April

We congratulate and welcome....

Justine Dale and Chris Moody to Senior panel.

Judging probationary

Rosemary Paddison probationeries

Kathryn Martin Probationary

Naomi Tsudicha probationaries:

Graeme Jefferies probationaries:

Lloyd Pallesen probationaries:

Judges annual renewal 2015

Dont forget, if you wish to advance up a panel please download the forms and get all the required evidence together. Application deadlines:- 28th February and 31st August 2014. Application forms available on the Judges application forms page

Download and save the fill-in-able pdf forms on to your computer. Then you can fill them in as you wish, save them and forward them to others.

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Judge's seminars.

None currently scheduled.

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NOTE - Judges wanting to change their status must apply no later than 28th February or 31st August, using the appropriate form.

What are the latest changes to the regulations (effective July 1st) that affect judges?

See the latest regulations under the Information tab on the website for the full details.

  • Weave pole regulations have been updated. Check weave poles are adequate for the class when pegged.

NOTE: There is a requirement in the regulations to comply with the various guidelines and Policy documents that the Agility Committee produces eg. Standing Orders, Measuring guidelines, Jumpers Guidelines.