• FCI World Champs are held every year
  • EO (European Open) held every year
  • WAO held every year
  • CCOA held every second year
  • IFCS Held every second year
  • ANKC (Australian Nationals) held every second year
Date Event Contact person Attendees
July 2014 European Open Hungary
Oct 2014 FCI World Champs Coque Luxemburg
May 2015 WAO Ermelo, The Netherlands
May 2015 IFCS World Champs Milan, Italy
July 2015 European Open (venue unknown)
Oct 2015 FCI World Champs Lignano Italy
May 2016 IFCS World Champs (venue unknown)
May 2016 WAO (venue unknown)
June 2016 ANKC Nationals Adelaide Australia
July 2016 European Open (venue unknown)
Oct 2016 FCI World Champs Belgium)
Oct 2019 FCI World Champs Brazil