International sub-committee of the NZKC Agility Committee

The subcommittee was formed to help NZ handlers wanting to compete overseas, assist overseas competitors to compete in NZ, and to provide a central place for co-ordination of international instructors wishing to provide training in NZ.

Objectives and Purpose of the Sub-Committee
  • Enable and encourage New Zealand’s participation at international competitions.
  • Provide information on upcoming opportunities for participation at international events.
  • Act as the initial liaison channel for organisers of international events.
  • To provide information and assistance for people travelling internationally with their dogs to compete.
  • To assist international competitors who may wish to attend the NZDAC.
  • Support international judges judging in New Zealand, and New Zealand judges judging overseas.
  • Develop an appropriate and fair selection process for the team events at international events and selection process, if necessary.
  • To facilitate international instructors coming to New Zealand