Making jumping safer and fairer in NZ.

We need to decide how high our dogs should be jumping from both a safety and fairness point of view.

The current situation has our dogs jumping from 93% to 150% of their height. In other words, some dogs jump much lower than their shoulder height and some dogs jump as much as 1.5 times their height. The range is large.

This situation is shown pictorially in the illustrations below.

Many countries/systems around the world have similar ranges to NZ, so it isnt necessarily easy to just say ""Let's copy xxx".

Narrowing the range would obviously make it fairer. If we did decide to narrow the range we would need to look at what range would be fair, as well as safe for our dogs to jump.

We are currently working on producing some different proposals/pictorials for you to consider, but in the meantime we invite you to get a feel for what it is like now.

Pictorial representations of current dog vs jump heights


  • Red line represents the Jump height

  • Shaded area shows the range of dog
    heights within the group

  • The three dogs represent the smallest,
    largest and middle of the range sized dogs within the group.
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Dog HeightJump HeightPercent
Jump Height/ dog height
Number of Dogs in Range
MinMax MinMaxDec 2017
200325300150 92142
326430380117 88247

Thanks to Peter de Wit for producing the pictorials