Collapsible Tunnel (long chute) Suspension


Welcome to the 3rd edition of Carl's Corner.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Collapsible Tunnel (long chute) Suspension

Due to a number of incidents involving particular types of collapsible tunnels, the Agility Committee are implementing an immediate suspension on the use of all Collapsible Tunnels that are greater than 3 meters in length that do not have a barrel-style entry part which makes up at least 30% of the overall length of the tunnel.

This suspension will remain in place while further investigation is completed into the safety of these tunnels and a final decision will be made by the AC no later than 30 June 2018 as to the continued use of said tunnels.

In the event of any club holding an Elementary, AD, or ADXA class whereby the club does not have a non-suspended collapsible tunnel, it is advised the club borrows one from another agility club. On a rare basis when this is not possible please contact the AC who will provide a set of alternate courses that may be used for that event.

This notice will also be circulated to all clubs, and Judges groups.


Carl Ranford, Chair DNZAC