Thank you for your attention. I am here for a very important reason.

With us today is a very special person who has served our hobby well. Their involvement with the dog game began before agility was recognised.

This person was a pioneer, active in assisting the introduction of agility in New Zealand. Today this discipline has grown to be really significant in NZKC sphere of activities. This person has worked hard to better our sport both in planning, training, arranging displays and demonstrations, as well as competitions.

Having served as a show manager, judge and a Zone 4 representative this person has given so much, but even more has given many years as Secretary and Treasurer of Canterbury CATS. I think you may know who I am referring to when I mention that she was originally involved with the Weimaraner Club for many years before CATS started.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of NZKC, I wish to acknowledge her enormous contribution to the sport of agility and I present this ‘CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION’ in recognition of her dedication over a long period of time to Barbara Rusbridge.

by Bernard Fears