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Mid Canterbury Champ


Ashburton A & P Showgounds Brucefield Ave, Ashburton

Judging 8.30am. Course walk 8.15am Both Days

DATE: 10 Feb 2018
Ring: 1 Ring: 2
1Starters 1Sharon Wagener1ADXABernadette Thompson
2Novice 1Meredith Evans2Intermediate 1Meredith Evans
3Starters 2Sallie Remon3Senior 1Sallie Remon
4Novice 2Sallie Remon4Intermediate 2Sharon Wagener
 5Senior 2Sharon Wagener

DATE: 11 Feb 2018
Ring: 1 Ring: 2
1JA 1Sharon Wagener1JB 1Sallie Remon
2JC 1Sharon Wagener2JA 2Sallie Remon
3JB 2Sharon Wagener3JC 2Sallie Remon
4JA 3Meredith Evans4JB 3Meredith Evans
5JC 3Sharon Wagener

-- Club Officials --

Event ManagerDebbie Woods
Ring ManagerRING 1 Mady Bensdorp RING2 Caroline Sinclair / Heather Broomhall
Event SecretaryDebbie Woods
Disputes CommitteeMCDTC Committee
Sponsored ByImage not found

-- Notices --

Entry to the Grounds and Parking

  • Entry is off Seafield Road. The gates will be unlocked at 7.00am each day.
  • Friday night gates will be open 6.00pm for self-contained campers to arrive. If you come earlier the gates will be locked.
  • PLEASE watch your SPEED coming in and out of the grounds as there could be dogs or children close by.


The toilets are located in the pavillion


Please place dog pooh in the bins provided. Please take glass items with you to dispose of.

After Hours Vet

Heath and Safety

  • Dog in their care: No dogs to be left unattended. No dogs to be tied behind cars
  • Children in your care: No children to be left unattended. Please do not let your child approach dogs that you do not know
  • This is also a public area and they will have access to the grounds so ensure your cars and dogs are safe

Ring Etiquette

  • The courses will be available to walk 10mins before the class commences, once course walking has closed there will be no further opportunities to walk the course.
  • In the event of one handler running multiple dogs in one class, the handler may move dogs but may not change the order in which they run. The handler must make the call steward aware of any changes to the running order sheet.
  • Once the equipment height has been changed it will not move up or down to its previous height again, except in special cases approved by the Ring Manager.
  • When you have been checked in by the call steward, please stay within sight to ensure you do not miss your run.
  • Please ensure you give your agility number to the scribe before starting your run and make eye contact with the judge to ensure they are both ready for you.
  • Your dog must be ready to run as soon as the previous competitor finishes their run. That is, as close as possible to the start line and ready to slip your dogs collar off.

Thank you for coming to our show, we hope you have a great weekend and safe travels home

Catering is available both days.

Full catering available by our club. free tea and coffee.

Image not found


Starters 1441st to 5th
Starters 2451st to 5th
Novice 1 - Maxi161st to 3rd
Novice 1 - Medm311st to 3rd
Novice 1 - Small191st to 3rd
Novice 2641st to 7th
Intermediate 1 - Maxi181st to 3rd
Intermediate 1 - Medm361st to 4th
Intermediate 1 - Small181st to 3rd
Intermediate 2 - Maxi161st to 3rd
Intermediate 2 - Medm371st to 4th
Intermediate 2 - Small191st to 3rd
Senior 1491st to 5th
Senior 2461st to 5th
JC 1 - Maxi171st to 3rd
JC 1 - Medm241st to 3rd
JC 1 - Small191st to 3rd
JC 3 - Maxi171st to 3rd
JC 3 - Medm231st to 3rd
JC 3 - Small181st to 3rd
JC 2 - Maxi171st to 3rd
JC 2 - Medm251st to 3rd
JC 2 - Small181st to 3rd
JB 2431st to 5th
JB 1401st to 5th
JB 3441st to 5th
JA 1471st to 5th
JA 3481st to 5th
JA 2461st to 5th

Number of Entries in JB 3: 0