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Waimakariri Dog Training Club Champ


Mandeville Sports Club, Mandeville Road, Ohoka

Course Walk 8.45am, Start time 9.00 am both days

DATE: 17 Feb 2018
Ring: 1 Ring: 2
1JB 1Wayne Grant1JA 1Graeme Lawson
2JA 2Sharon Wagener2JC 1Graeme Lawson
3JB 2Sharon Wagener3JC 2Wayne Grant
4JA 3Graeme Lawson4JB 3Wayne Grant
5JC 3Graeme Lawson5JA 4Sharon Wagener

DATE: 18 Feb 2018
Ring: 1 Ring: 2
1JB 4Wayne Grant1JC 4Sharon Wagener
2JC 5Wayne Grant2JA 5Graeme Lawson
3JA 6Sharon Wagener3JB 5Graeme Lawson
4JB 6Sharon Wagener4JC 6Wayne Grant

-- Club Officials --

Event ManagerMartin Trimble
Ring ManagerRing 1 - Anne Godfrey, Ring 2 - Heather Hood
Event SecretaryVanessa Trimble
Disputes CommitteeMia Beswick, Anne Godfrey, Heather Hood and Martin Trimble

-- Notices --


Welcome to Waimaks, February 2016, Championship Agility Jumpers Show. Thank you for you entries and for supporting Waimak at this show and good luck with your runs over the weekend.

Entry to Grounds and Parking

  • Please enter the grounds and parking area via the main entrance and gates off Mandeville Road. This entrance is clearly sign posted and can be accessed from Tram Road either via Whites Road (turn right onto Mandeville Road) or via McHughs Road (turn left onto Mandeville Road). The camping area will be in this car park as well, but confined to the area on the eastern side to the rings.

Ground Fee

The Mandeville Sports Centre Complex (MSC) has now been home to the Waimakariri Dog Training Club for just over a year and we continue to forge a strong and happy relationship with MSC. One of the conditions MSC have imposed on us to use the grounds for this and future shows is a ground service fee which will cover costs incurred to prepare/repair the grounds, remove rubbish, clean and service the toilet/shower block etc. That fee has been set at $1.00 per dog entered at the show. As such we request a $1.00 or gold coin payment for all dogs entered over the weekend, and at any future show we hold at this venue, for which a collection box will be set up on the catering table. Waimak are grateful to the competitors that choose to support us with this.


Competitors are free to use the toilet block and shower which is between the Show Secretary’s office and the Squash Courts.

Mandeville Sports Centre Bar

Please note that the MSC main bar and club rooms will be open on Friday night. It will also be open on Saturday (and we hope to hold our prize giving in the bar) from 4.30pm. We are all welcome to use the facility for drinks and meals as soon as it is open. You will need to sign the visitors book as you enter (if not a member of WDTC) and tell the bar staff you are part of the Kennel Club when ordering if they ask and the only stipulation is, that under no circumstances (due to Liquor Licensing Regulations) are BYO drinks allowed in the bar (please respect this)

Sports Fields

Waimak have established a good working relationship with the management of MSC and the other Sports Clubs and codes that share the grounds and facilities. Please respect the park and the Rugby and Cricket grounds in particular, clean up after your dogs and do not allow dogs to run unattended on the grounds. Please be aware also that there may be sheep grazing and possibly horses competing in areas of the MSC complex.


As a courtesy to our call stewards and other competitors please try and wear your number. If you need to move due to clashes please do so before the class begins. Remember if you are running 2 dogs in the same class you may move them up or down, but please do not change the order in which you run the dogs.

Ring Etiquette

As we have a lot to get through, please be on the line ready to run as soon as the dog ahead of you has finished and the Judge and scribe are ready for you to begin. Please also limit the amount of correction, or training, to mistakes your dog may have made during its run out of respect to our Judges and the competitors still waiting to run.


Please note that it is an NZKC regulation that all dogs entering and exiting the Agility Ring Holding area must be on a lead. Please adhere and respect that regulation.


In every event, at the end of each height, that class will close. Any exceptions will only be at the discretion of the Show Manager and the Judge involved in that class.


Please place any rubbish and your doggie doo’s in the Bins that will be provided by MSC. Please take any empty glass or items that can be recycled home with you to dispose of.

After Hours Vet

After Hour Veterinary Centre, Corner Antigua and Disraeli Streets, Christchurch. Phone (03) 3661052


For those of you camping at the grounds, there will be a fee of $5 per person per night please, which if not prepaid will be collected during the weekend. Mandeville Sports Centre Management insist that dogs must remain alongside your campsite while camping and campers are not permitted to have visitors from outside the show visit while camping.

Harsh Handling

Please note that the Waimakariri Dog Training Club will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse of dogs or harsh handling at our show.

We are expecting handlers to enjoy their weekend with us and enjoy the competition, which includes the way in which you treat your dog.

We are also expecting handlers to show respect to our Judges and ring staff at all times and to refer any problems or grievances through the correct channel, the show manager or ring manager.

In the event that any harsh handling occurs, it will be dealt with in accordance with Agility Regulation 5.4.1. If any handler is cited under this regulation, the instance will be reported to the Agility Committee, and possibly from there, the NZKC.

The show disputes committee will be treating any instance of harsh handling firmly. Any handler infringing under the harsh handling regulation may be subject to sanctions including disqualification from further competition on the weekend.

Members of the Public will be spectating over the weekend and may not have experienced the drive some of the dogs have, or had to interpret some handling methods used.

Health and Safety

All competitors and persons attending this competition and venue must accept their obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1992). All competitors and persons attending compete and attend at their own risk and indemnify the Waimakariri Dog Training Club from any responsibility of injury to themselves or their dogs.

All competitors and persons attending must agree to and abide by all hazard identification/Risk management plan rules set out by WDTC, and take full responsibility for any:

  • Dog in their care.
  • Children in their care.
  • Any loss or damage to any equipment owned or used by that person.

Please be aware that other members of the public will have access to the Mandeville Sports Centre and will be walking and driving on the access roads in the park.

Please report any incidents, accidents or near misses to the show manager and be aware that WDTC will have first aid equipment and persons trained in first aid in attendance and will be able to arrange further medical or veterinary treatment if required.

** Thank you again to everyone for coming to our show. We sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves. Run hard, run fast and have fun and travel home safely


JC 31st to 5th
JC 11st to 5th
JC 21st to 5th
JC 51st to 5th
JC 41st to 5th
JC 61st to 5th
JB 11st to 5th
JB 21st to 5th
JB 31st to 5th
JB 41st to 5th
JB 61st to 5th
JB 51st to 5th
JA 21st to 5th
JA 31st to 5th
JA 11st to 5th
JA 41st to 5th
JA 61st to 5th
JA 51st to 5th

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